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4 Tips to Setup a Successful Education Startup

Education Startup

Education will spread its wings wider in the time to come and will make its presence felt everywhere around the world. Presently, no domain of our lives has been let alone by technology and clearly, technology is making a remarkably huge impact in the field of education as well. And education startups have this opportunity to utilize the current trend to their strength. Here are few tips you can keep in mind when you set up an education Startup

Education Startup

Content is king:

As always, content is the king. Decide what type of content you want to serve your audience. Your ideas of education startup can range from traditional classroom format to animation based videos. It is important to understand our strength in the approach we choose. A good academic team for designing the curriculum and interesting viewpoints on mundane topics is necessary. One can start a business with single teacher however never compromise with quality of education

Customer-Centric Approach:

Think as if you are student, what you will need? Don’t think yourself as a revolutionist who define what student should have. Students will reject your product if you are not solving his pain. Students are fed up with most part of education. If you are passionate about education, then look for a niche. For example, if you want to make science learning product then find 100-200 students who are extremely interested in your product. Keep iterating till you find your product to be-market fit. Sometimes concepts are not clear and sometimes a student needs to increase his/her speed, giving out a clearer understanding of topics needs to be a priority. Through motivation (personal mentorship) students can do wonders in academics.


Social Media Marketing: You need to be active on social media. The audience by far always gets us the highest engagement and response to any unique piece of content we create.
Product Reviews: An excellent way of getting monthly traffic to your product page are through product reviews. Sites that offer paid reviews are usually likely to drive more quality traffic to your product than a fee review (from a site which is probably still building up it’s following).
Send samples/Free samples/Trial versions: Teachers love the free sample. Even if the sample is of no use to them, they are very likely to pass it on to a colleague who would use them. Incorporate a free trial/free package/limited subscription model into your education product because educators will ask for these before considering your product.
Create valuable and relevant content: Evaluation rubrics, how-to guides, video tutorials all are essential content that you need to create for teachers to both use your product and evaluate its value. Leaflets and brochures will not get you leads. A tutorial on how to incorporate flipped classroom techniques with a link to your helpful lesson planner tool is both useful and relevant.

Think future:

There will be many changes in the field of education, especially as it is combined with technology. Creating products will need to connect what is nice to have, what teacher wants to have and what must be included in the product. When schools create an instructional plan, they will need to curate applications carefully. Nowadays we have a situation where administrators set up the education curriculum, and in the future, teachers will choose learning management systems, apps, and content. Education is evolving, and competition will grow. Set your mind on future, and you will quickly adapt and go forward.